Meet the Team

Zach Edwards, Owner/ASE Master Technician

Zach Edwards was born in Northern Minnesota, and spent much of his childhood in rural Minnesota and Iowa.  He moved to Ashland from Southern Minnesota  in July of 1997. As a child Zach was fascinated with exotic sports cars, but never attempted car repair until he was forced to after his Volkswagen Bus broke down in Minnesota in 1996. There, in the dead of winter in a barn with a woodstove and the Idiots Guide: How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive, Zach rebuilt a tired old 1600cc VW engine.  That engine powered Zach to Ashland, where he met Alan Sommers, who Zach credits as having taught him many of the Zen-like ways of auto repair. A short time later, Zach enrolled at Rogue Community College, Grants Pass, where he excelled in the Automotive Technology program. During school, and after graduation, he worked at several shops and dealerships in the Valley, but always came back to work with Alan at the Hersey St. garage.

Fast-forward a few more years, and Zach found himself wanting to do more.  After applying for and receiving the Ford Family Foundation Opportunity Scholarship, Zach returned to academia and received a BS in Business Administration from Southern Oregon University 2008. In the midst of recession, he decided it an opportune time to open a small business utilizing everything he had learned from on-the-job, academic, and real-life experience. Zach continues to operate and manage all areas of Ashland Automotive.



Beau Jeska, Service Advisor


Beau is a true Ashland local, a Grizzly for life. His affinity for combustion engines began in high school, out of necessity and enthusiasm for all things mechanical.  Our moto, “Fueled by Knowledge, Powered by Integrity” inspired him to apply at Ashland Automotive.  He likes any vehicle that “starts, stops and steers”, but Beau is crushing for a cherry ’70’s Toyota pickup.  When he isn’t helping customers achieve automotive bliss, Beau is speeding down a mountain slope on a pair of wheels or skis. 


Jeff Webb, Service Advisor
Jeff is obsessed with fast cars and all things Toyota.  His love of cars began at age 6 when mom introduced him to the speedway and drag races.  Jeff studied high-performance engines and chassis fabrication at Wyotech in West Sacramento, where he graduated with a degree in Automotive Technology.  Jeff was born and raised in Medford, where he still lives with his family.  His mantra – “Live Fast”.


Greg -ASE Master Technician

20150512_ashalnd_auto_0029-2Greg was born and raised in Medford, Oregon. His formal training was at UTI in Phoenix, Arizona, where he earned an Associates Degree in Automotive Technology, and he is an ASE Master Technician. Cars are a family business for the Casads. Greg’s grandfather, father, and uncle were all professional mechanics. Greg has been in and around car shops his entire life. He loves working on Subarus and thinks they have a proven record for reliability. He also enjoys working with the most important part of the Subaru, the driver. Greg is very curious about the Tesla, and is excited to see how the company will impact the automotive industry in the future.

Greg enjoys the way the Ashland Automotive team works together. He’s a strong believer in timely maintenance, because “it is always less expensive and more convenient than breakdowns caused by a lack of upkeep.”




Eugene -ASE Master Technician

20150512_ashalnd_auto_0058-2Eugene has worked at AAI since starting the Automotive Technology Program at Rogue Community College in 2013. At first he started helping clean the shop, and eventually grew into the position of full-time technician after graduating in 2015. He is master certified, currently holding 9 ASE certifications.
Eugene was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and moved to Ashland in 2002 where he took auto shop classes all four years before graduating from Ashland High School. Eugene loves driving, breaking, and fixing his Subaru. He likes Subarus most because of their reliability and ease of access to parts. The best advice he’d give a customer is “Inspect your oil level often.” He checks it every time he gets fuel. Eugene loves working at Ashland Automotive because we emphasize maintenance, and he also loves working in Ashland close to home.



Steven Cagle-Wyatt, ASE Master Technician

Steven has been taking a wrench to cars since he was 14, when we worked to pay off his first set of wheels, a 1960 Chevy pickup.  He graduated from South Medford High School and went straight to work at a local shop.  Steven has a healthy obsession with Toyota pickups.  His word to the wise is “never purchase a new car, buy used, after a thorough inspection.”  Steven can fix just about anything and enjoys the diversity of work at the independent shop over working at a dealership.


Jennifer Larson, Office Administrator
Jennifer was born and raised in the Midwest, from Wisconsin to Ohio, she recently moved to Ashland.  She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor of health promotion/education and athletic training.  When she’s not crunching numbers, Jennifer enjoys hiking, kayaking, and snow-shoeing in the mountains.  She also has a feverish Sudoku puzzle habit.  Her favorite quote from Peale- “Change your thoughts and you change your world.”


Your Name Here! -Technician

default_pictureAre you a Gearhead? You’ll fit in just fine.

We are seeking an ASE Certified (or willing to become), Master Technician with at least 7 years experience, who eats, sleeps, and breathes cars. You are seeking a flourishing independent shop, with plenty of opportunity for growth. We offer benefits including medical, dental, uniform service, paid holidays, paid vacation after one year, and continuing education. You offer expertise in import and domestic cars, a great attitude and a willingness to succeed. We offer a very clean and private shop, soon-to-be new facility, a great selection of tools and equipment, and a front-end staff that takes care of customers. All this, tucked away in the coolest little mountain town on the West Coast. Sound like a good fit? Apply here!